Ten Best Registry Clean Software

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Ten Best Registry Clean Software

If your the longer you have the slower it runs and the more it crashes, you need to clean your registry. Registry cleaner tool can help you clean and optimize your system, freeing it from registry errors and fragmented entries.

A registry cleaner is a type of software utility designed for the Microsoft Windows operating system whose purpose is to remove redundant or unwanted items from the Windows registry.

If you are annoyed by the lower performance of your PC, if you wanna solve the problem efficiently, you can just speed up your PC with Registry Clean Software. Topsofts Registry Clean Software Reviews offers you the most popular and powerful registry clean software programs for your reference.

The third place software RegCure Registry Cleaner is desined to scan, repair and optimize your pc. This app will fix most your computer problems with the push of a single button – especially your Microsoft Windows registry list. Rest assured that RegCure is compatible with all major Windows operating systems and includes a full back-up utility to make your registry cleaning experience as easy and safe as possible.

RegCure Registry Cleaner has many features as an editor’s pick such as:

User Interface The pretty, uncluttered and user-friendly interface of RegCure Registry Cleaner makes users feel easy and leisure to use it. Scan & Check Registry Errors RegCure Registry Cleaner allows you to scan registry errors for free.

It can help you check invalid COM/ActiveX entries, Windows startup items, uninstall entries, file/path references, font entries, program shortcuts, shared DLLs, empty registry keys, application paths, file associations, help files information and so on. COM/ActiveX Invalid COM or ActiveX object entries in the Windows registry can cause application failures, document and information loss, and system crashes. RegCure will scan and remove these entries automatically, setting your mind at ease.

Uninstall Entries When an application’s installer does not correctly set up the uninstall process, the Registry becomes clogged with invalid information. RegCure scours your registry for invalid information left behind by incorrect uninstall processes.

Font Entries Often application errors – especially in Word processing applications – are caused by missing or corrupt font files. RegCure resolves these inconsistencies for you ensuring that font files taking up space in your registry are valid.

Shared DLLs Invalid entries in the Shared DLLs section of the Registry can cause a certain type of application failure commonly known as “DLL hell”. RegCure puts your mind at ease by repairing and restoring your Registry automatically.

Application Paths toolDisk directories that are not referenced correctly can often cause programs to fail. RegCure will scan and fix the Application Paths section of the Window registry Help Files Information The last thing you need when you are looking for help on an application is for it to crash!

RegCure takes care of invalid help file references so you never have to worry about the registry containing incorrect help information. Windows Startup Items RegCure quickly finds and deletes missing program entries in the startup items area of the Windows registry. Incorrect installation programs will cause these problems without you even realizing it!

File/Path References Some registry items can be associated with non-existent files and folders – such as when temporary files are used for storage. RegCure will help you remove the invalid entries every time you scan! Program Shortcuts checkIncorrect program shortcuts can cause applications to take much longer to start – or simply stop them from running at all.

RegCure effortlessly finds these entries and removes them for you. Empty Registry Keys Registry Keys can be empty-they have no associated value. RegCure will remove Registry keys that have no value, sweeping out the useless entries that clog up your system.

Shell Extensions Shell extensions provide you with useful enhancements to the working environment of your PC. Invalid shell extension entries can cause irregularities that will frustrate and slow you down. The RegCure scan will find these entries so that they can be removed permanently.

Backup & restore An automatic backup is created every time when you used RegCure Registry Cleaner. And if you want, you can restore any items any time. As a crucial part of your Windows operating system, Windows Registry is the component that governs the operation of Windows. Any change made to registry has risks. Backup & Restore function enable users to fix the registry errors safely.

Manage startup Regcure Registry Cleaner offers quick and easy access to all the programs that are launched when you start your computer. You can choose to enable and disable applications in the Manage Startup list with a few simple clicks or remove applications from the startup list. It’s very convinient for users to manage Startup programs with RegCure..

Settings Built with the individual preferences of customers in mind, RegCure enables you to fix your PC’s windows registry in the way that is most comfortable for you. Clean your registry manually according to your own specifications or perform a thorough scan and clean it automatically! You can also customize the settings in RegCure Registry Cleaner. This user-friendly function saves will save you some time to use it and make you use in your own way.

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