Prevent Windows XP Disasters – Backup your System

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Visit for more tips. In Windows XP it is not uncommon to have experienced a corrupt registry or a missing DLL file, or having a blue screen of death. So best prepare yourself by backing up your system files on a regular basis. Prevent a disaster and having to restore your entire operating system, just backup your files, so you can restore them if needed later.
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25 Responses to “Prevent Windows XP Disasters – Backup your System”

  1. 4DaMovieGuru says:

    This considerably useful if someone get the INFAMOUS drive by virus.

  2. MyEnter123 says:

    Also if i have a corrupt windows file and i cant access my computer but can go to the tools menu u know when u start ur comp and start pressing f8 or f10 etc can i restore from that

  3. MyEnter123 says:

    i did the back up file copy if my files gets corrrupt how do i restore

  4. lilsam7893 says:

    my computer cant find file

  5. 01kchesle says:

    my computer cant find the program

  6. SoovieFilmsPro says:

    Thanks for this, just back up my files using this system.

  7. matthew1235100 says:

    it did not work there are no back up icon to click on. i looked in the accessories.
    and run but it was not there please reply.

  8. Me1Mi1 says:

    How do u get that cruiser ?

  9. BassDS1990 says:

    I got a small question. I have Adobe Premiere Pro installed on my comp; if I back my stuff up, will that be saved as well, cause the disc I used was one that my old teacher let me borrow, and Adobe is crucial to my video editing.

  10. venkatmani000 says:

    sir how can i download the back up video for windowsp2 please reply me sir

  11. phisicalgrafiti says:

    If i do this then do a system restore will i be able to access this for my i tunes and other drives i may backup

  12. TheDrunkenFreak says:

    @PCWizKid ty

  13. PCWizKid says:

    @TheDrunkenFreak Yes, Windows 7 has similar backup features, they look different but do the same thing.

  14. TheDrunkenFreak says:

    can u do this on windows 7

  15. sahilkumarsharmaks says:

    i like this.nice work

  16. MrHacker1100 says:


  17. evillemonkey says:

    does this work for home edition?

  18. finalninjazeromaster says:

    CA Desktop DNA Migrator

  19. GamerMGO says:

    hey pc wiz kid whered u get that cool desktop background

  20. CarboniteLostMyData says:

    If you’re considering Carbonite, don’t! I had been a customer of Carbonite for years. My PC had a failure and the system was rolled back to an earlier date. I go to Carbonite and they can’t provide my data. When Carbonite does a backup they write a file to the PC that they’re backing up and then they use that file to restore the system. Long story short, I lost family pictures, videos, tax information, work and personal files. I was promised numerous callbacks from engineering that never came.

  21. Gtube2244 says:

    can u please a make vid about getting back windows explorer
    but isit possible to get back explorer when u lost it cause ] when i loged o n to my computer it said windows explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. so please make vid or reply.

  22. sss92220 says:

    thanx alot

  23. mrshahzadanwar says:

    Brilliant review….Thnx…..Virus wreaked havoc to my computer files..had backup of data on dvdrs..i intend to make restore for future easier….took 16 hours to restore to original softwares..and settings…lots of it….want to do it in just 3 hrs…..hope this is effective………..

  24. Pikatwig says:

    Ok, so i typed “ntbackup” in the run field but i get an error saying “Windows cannot find ‘ntbackup’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.” What do i do???

  25. nptw0er says:

    @PCWizKid omggaawdd help meee
    i want to reformat my pc cos like it takes soooooooooo long to load then recently. i think the ppl who repaired it stole some parts but i checkd n everyhting is there. its jst so slow loading up… ive tampered with regedit, msconfig, regcure bla bla bla u name it, no virus;s or anything, cos when i got it back from reformat… even though it had no programs it was hella sloww + my sp wasnt genuine til i validated it n stufff ahhh help!

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