How To Fix Physical Memory Dump

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Looking to fix the physical memory dump?

How To Fix Physical Memory Dump Errors On Windows – A Beginner’s Tutorial

The “Physical Memory Dump” error is not a typical Windows error, in that it’s not caused by a specific problem. The error is a “fail-safe” measure that Windows employs to save the files / settings on your PC when it crashes for another reason.

If you have this error, it basically means that your system is experiencing a problem with either its hardware or software, and in order to get rid of it, you need to be able to repair these other errors which continually cause your system to crash.

Causes of Dump Errors

There are two causes of the Physical Memory Dump error – either the hardware of your PC is incompatible, or the software of your system is not working correctly. The error itself works by “dumping” your settings & files to your hard drive in the event of your system crashing for another reason. Most people don’t understand that the error you’re seeing on screen is not actually the problem – it’s a by-product which will be resolved if you’re able to fix the main cause of the issue.

The first step to fixing this error is to check the hardware of your PC. The way to do this is to first check for any recently added hardware. A big cause of this error is actually down to the way in which many pieces of hardware will either be incompatible or damaged on your system – leading Windows to run extremely unreliably as it struggles to use the new components.

If you’ve added any new hardware, including the likes of USB pens or external hard drives to your PC, you need to remove them and see if your system still shows the error. Other hardware issues tend to develop over time, meaning that if you’ve started to see the error, then the likelihood is that it’s either caused by the addition of incompatible hardware, or because of the software of your system.

The second step to fixing this error is to ensure the software of your system is working correctly. The software of your computer – the programs that your PC uses to run – are of vital importance for your system. A big problem that causes the Physical Memory Dump error is that some of the programs on your system will become damaged, or have incorrect settings.

If you find that specific software programs cause your PC to crash, then you should re-install them. Otherwise, you should use a “registry cleaner” program to fix any of the potential errors that will cause your PC to crash. Registry cleaners are popular programs which works very well to fix a number of problems inside your system.

They scan through the “registry database” of your PC (a main storage facility for all the settings and options your system has) and then repair any of the damaged settings that could be causing the errors on your system.

You can fix the registry by using a registry cleaner tool to scan through your system and repair the various errors inside.Dumping of physical memory is a blue screen problem that can be solved without bringing your computer to the repair shop.

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  1. Mark Price says:

    I was facing the same Issue in my lap top,but now I am not able to turn it
    on.when evae I push the power button to turn it on the LESs glo up the
    screen remains black (off).
    Please help me.i have shown this lap top to many local tech ,but no one
    understands the cause for that,some tech were able to turn on the laptop
    but after few minutes when they tried to uninstall some unwanted
    application (like delta search) they see the same blue screen and that
    turns off the laptop.

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